Investment Areas

Inherently T-Group believes in the power of a great piece of garment; since the early 90’s we have been providing the world with nothing less. T-Group has succeeded in the manufacturing of superior quality garments for the globe’s leading apparel brands.  Between our three textile subsidiaries we are capable of offering full, fast moving and reliable services to an international market. In addition we have contributed to local job creation and foreign proceeds, as we are 100% export oriented, this has had a very positive effect on the Egyptian trade balance. As we expand, we strive to create at the highest level for a globalized world and continue to give back to our local economy. Take a closer look at each of our textile subsidiaries, which separately or together, offer efficient integrated solutions for our clients

T-Group’s inception was in the automobile industry, when in the mid 1970’s the Tolba family began their business activities in automobile component distribution. With decades long legacy in this industry we continue to be suppliers and sole distributors of components for the worlds leading automobile brands. Via Egyptian Company for Trading and Construction (ECTC) we envision our first born to continue to serve the regional automotive market with reliable service, high quality products and fast moving capacity.

T-Group believes in building for a new generation, therefore all our real estate investments aim to create environments that will become inspirational communities for living, working, and recreational use. Our focus is to advance design and efficiency in all our residential and commercial spaces.  With our two subsidiaries Green Hill Developments and T Cap we strive to provide thoughtful real estate developments for great living.