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T&C Garments

T & C Garments is a Joint Venture company specialized in manufacturing denim bottoms for the export market. We are committed to innovate and provide our global customers with the highest quality finished denim products. Using our advanced technology and systems our manufacturing facility in Obour City Egypt sits on a 68,000-sqm plot and employs almost 4,000 employees. Our operating lines continue to increase; with more than 15 lines we are able to provide our clients with fast moving products. We believe in sustainability and have invested highly in environmentally friendly production including wastewater treatment, waste recycling, and energy efficient operating standards. In order to deliver the most superior quality and increase efficiency, in 2013 we created the T&C Garments Development Center, a research and development hub, which offers inventive solutions for our clients and this industry as a whole. Today our product development has been enhanced with stream-lined processes. We begin our garment production with thorough inspection of the denim fabric and cutting edge innovative solutions developed in our in-house lab. Our cutting and stitching is overseen with inline inspection by our quality control department, ensuring the highest standards at each step of the production process. We deliver fully washed, trimmed and pressed products that also are overseen by our quality control department at every point. We offer numerous different finishes and take pride in our wet and dry processes, including hand-made finishes as well as finishes done in our state-of-the-art laser department. We deliver our products packaged by our in-house packaging department. Our operations all take place at our manufacturing facility where we continue to increase and invest in our technological and human capabilities. An Egyptian–Turkish joint venture, our executive team has years of know-how and experience in the apparel manufacturing industry. Our list of international clients includes leading denim brands and retailers: Levi’s, VF, Ann Taylor, Uniqlo, Jones of New York, and Inditex. In 2018, we launched T&C Garments Phase Two.  Production in phase two is already underway and once it reaches full capacity by 2020, it will double our company’s production capacity to over 12 million pieces annually and employ over 6,000 employees. Sales are also expected to more than double, which will make T & C the largest apparel manufacturer and exporter in Egypt.  We continue to invest in our capabilities and we aim not only to become a frontrunner locally but in the global market for denim production.

To view more about our advanced processes please visit T&C website: www.tcgarments.com


To offer superior quality products for leading global apparel brands as a reliable denim manufacturer.


To become one of the largest denim suppliers in the global apparel market with reliable service, high quality products and fast moving capacity.



Almost 4,000 young men and women employed in 2019, and expected to reach 6,000 by 2021.

Gender Equality:

T & C Garments is fully committed to female empowerment in the workforce and ensuring gender equality in the workplace.

Production Capacity:

Our production capacity reached a total of 25,000pcs per day, 7.5 million garments per annum in 2019.

Global Reach:

We export to more than 29 countries in the world.


Built on an area of 68,000 meters squared.

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